Monday, January 26, 2015


Di tempat yang jauh; kita belajar untuk terus melangkah, ketika ada seribu duri menikam kaki.

Kita juga belajar terbang dengan sayap yang patah, kerana tidak ada sesiapa yang lain boleh meminjamkan sayap baru.

Di tempat yang jauh; mengundur diri bukan lagi satu pilihan yang boleh memberi kita jalan pulang. Kita mesti menamatkan perjalanan yang telah dimulakan

Merintih-rintih juga tidak akan didengari oleh sesiapa, kerana semua orang pun sedang berperang dengan pergelutan-pergelutannya sendiri.

If you ever get the opportunity to go somewhere outside of your comfort zone for any kind of battles – go for it. It is the best way to nurture your inner strength.

Too many choices often weaken us. But when being strong is the only choice you have – then you will naturally learn to dig deep and fight through.

Even if you have to face the most brutal circumstances.


 — looking for divine inspiration after a long unproductive week. at Cromer (Northrepps) Airfield.

Nota Kaki:

Lazuardi Dibalikawan I can't agree more with you Dr. Yes, there are times when God want us to go far and alone. The brave new world. We initially don't know why but after it's over, we realized that He want us to be closer to Him, and see the beauty of life that worth living. Your post reminds me of my several sojourns at faraway country in my quest to find the meaning of life. Well said Dr. Thanks for sharing.

saya belanja kopi dan doodle lah... hahaha

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