Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Last Sunday, my long-time friend from Norwich, whom I got to know while doing PhD there, dropped by Rumah Pangi. He has been a regular visitor to Sabah for the last several years. But even though I haven’t seen him in person for almost two years (because I was in Jeddah during his previous trip); he was more interested in admiring my paintings than chatting with the painter, his very own best friend.
Itulah dilema hidup seorang artis seni. Ramai orang lebih terpesona dengan karya, daripada ambil tahu tentang kehidupan si pengkarya. Seperti kes Leonardo Da Vinci, semua orang kenal dan kagum pada Monalisa. Tapi pernahkah peduli siapa pelukisnya? Mata dia warna apa, rambut dia ikal atau kerinting? Adakah senyum dia semisteri senyum Monalisa?

Poin entri ini? You have one ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ in the making, right here in Sabah. Cepat kamu semua booking karya dia sebelum harganya meletup-letup di pasaran global. Don’t wait until you guys can no longer afford to have it nicely hanged at the feature wall of your lovely house or office. Or you probably want to have the artist himself? Sila, kalau mampu.
On a different point. Bila kamu pergi belajar di luar negara, jangan hanya berkepit sesama Malaysia. Ambil peluang berkawan dengan orang tempatan; perkenalkan keindahan dan keunikan negara kita. Biar mereka teruja mau datang sini. A huge amount of public money is invested for you to study there. So when you come home – don’t just bring back transferred knowledge and skills. Bring back tourists as well.
Safe journey home, Mr. Jebbett. Wishing you a pleasant flight back to England, later today. Sure you know that Sabah is one of the most special places in the universe; enriched with ethnobio diversities and phenomenal landscapes. There are so many beautiful things you can bring home from this culturally rich land – but I am glad you finally chose to pick the most precious one – 'the master piece' shown in this photo. smile emoticon

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