Wednesday, September 23, 2015


1.  Guess who I met last Sunday at the Pesta Buku Borneo? One of Sabah most prominent current-issue analysts!

En. Zainnal Ajamain, pemikir Sabah yang bukan saja prolifik, bahkan juga amat versatile. Beliau banyak menekuni isu-isu seputar Sabah yang merentas pelbagai aspek: dari sosioekonomi sampai ke sosiopolitik, dari persoalan sejarah hingga diskusi tentang perlembagaan dan perundangan.

2.  We used to have a fiery (but friendly) debate on FB. Hingga kadang-kadang mencetuskan perbalahan yang penuh emosi. But that doesn't mean we are nasty people. It is just that we, both of us, are very passionate about Sabah priority issues. And for me, that is a good thing. It shows that we really do care; that we take it seriously when it comes to the future of our very land.

Internet persona can be misleading, most of the times. So never judge a person based on his/her FB alter ego. Because the virtual surface-to-surface interaction (via the computer screens) is never the same with the actual face-to-face encounter. In the real world, we are both professional and have high mutual respect for each other. Nampak tidak senyum girang yang manis itu ketika kami bersalam? Itulah tanda perdamaian markat tertinggi. smile emoticon

3.  I bought two copies of his book, which carries a very catchy title – 'The Queen's Obligation'. Saya belum sempat baca penuh. Having glanced through from page i to 423; and finished reading few sections of the first three chapters. My first impression is: a quite comprehensive writing on the Malaysia formation, and also providing some thought-provoking interpretations.

Zainnal Ajamain actually took a slightly different turn from the existing ‘popular' approaches while revisiting Sabah’s past and foreseeing its future. For me, that makes this book rare and interesting. You don’t necessarily have to agree with his point of view. But it definitely will enrich your understanding and widen your perspective on the history of Sabah. Terutama kronologi dan keududukannya dalam konteks sejarah pembentukan Malaysia.

Note: The use of ‘popular’ here is rather loose and multifaceted. You may substitute it with either conventional, mainstream or pro-establishment. I leave it to you to decide which sentiment suits you better.

4.  There are always two sides of every coin. So before you decide which side you want to flip upward, you must reward yourself with the opportunity to see what both sides have to offer. Sebagai sarjana dan pendidik, saya berpegang utuh pada ideal ini. Because education is supposed to produce thinkers, not mere learners. Kita tidak mahu lahirkan graduan yang hanya hadam data dan cakna fakta, tetapi jumud abadi dalam mencipta interpretasi yang relevan dengan konteks semasa.

Remember this. Real great books are not those validate what you have already known; but those challenge you to think beyond what you currently believe. Books that make you hungry for more arguments on a particular subject; and motivate you to dig deeper. Personally, I think The Queen’s Obligation fits this purpose – just nicely.

Thank you Michael Peter Goviind for making this meaningful meet possible. Saya masih menunggu-nunggu bila pula mau dapat jemputan kupi-kupi di kafe tersohor KayKay. smile emoticon

 — at 1Borneo Hypermall.

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