Sunday, July 19, 2015


The SDD Siblings. Sepatutnya ada 14 orang, 7 lelaki dan 7 perempuan. But one sister couldn't make it; and the other brother passed away in 2006.

 — with Lungkiam DambulJusili Dambul DumaringJoibi Dambul DumaringFaridah DambulPatrick DambulMaria Sinti DumaringYani DambulAffendy Sulaiman and Rabia Dambul Dumaring

SD Dumaring Clan's first ever raya gathering in Kundasang was last year (the previous years, it has always been at the family house in Ranau). This was the second time we had it here.
If you have a super big close-knit family like this, it is easily understood why you don't feel like wanting to have another one of your own. smile emoticon

Venue: Soboroong, the SD Dumaring Heritage Land
Date: 18-19 July 2015
— with Affendy Sulaiman and 38 others at Soboroong Farmer's Cottage, Kundasang.

The brothers with their respective wives. Rem Dambul dipadankan dengan Gama; the last surviving first generation of SD Dumaring Clan. Who has the sweetest smile and happiest face? Yang baju putih itu, kan. Which means that for any man: mother is the only woman he can live with for the rest of his live and stay happy, ever and forever. Haha.

 — with Affendy SulaimanAlisia MasirSariffah Natiah MaslinJoibi Dambul Dumaring,Jaimis SaimanJusili Dambul Dumaring and Patrick Dambul 

The sisters with their respective husbands. Our mother is in the middle with pink baju kurung. Lebih hip dan kontemporari dari anak-anak, kan?

 — with Kalimin SahadiMaria Sinti DumaringLungkiam DambulRichard Utam Duhu,Faridah DambulYani DambulJupirin Bin Hj Ruhimin and Rabia Dambul Dumaring

Some of the heroes in our family. Anak-anak buah lelaki (ada ramai lagi yang tidak dapat join sebab komitmen kerja). So don't ever mess around with Rem Dambul. Kaki pukul dia semua tagap-tagap dan brutal, ok!

 — with Faysal Ezwen JupirinNorman D SabahboyMohd Azlan Mohamad Sewan,Othlane Ceaser MinudinKhairel Majid KaliminKhairul Anwar JoibiJefford SJKairi JoibiBobby RichardEsmett AzlanKhairol Majide Kalimin and Akhiril Raymie Minudin

The heroines of SD Dumaring Clan. Ini pun belum lagi ada semua. Kalau ada siapa yang mau pinang mana-mana, please inbox me. I can be a better negotiator than their parents.

 — with Elvica MadingNur Rahil JoibiNur Rasyidah JoibiOlivia DeeDeeFyza Qashrina JupirinKhairiah MKNur Ifa Atikah JoibiBarbarawati RichardA Natashah BayaBaizura RichardKhalila Kalimin and Waty Mading 

My married nieces and nephews with their spouses and kids.

 — with Elvica MadingWaty MadingSue Salleh and Bobby Richard

Again comes the question: who needs a wife or wives when he is literally surrounded by all the most beautiful sumandaks in the world, all the times?

 — with Fyza Qashrina JupirinA Natashah Baya and Nur Ifa Atikah Joibi

The fourth generation; anak kepada anak-anak buah. Which means: diorang ini semua cucu Rem Dambul lah, kan? OMG. It's highly possible that one of them will enroll at UMS this coming semester. Nanti ada laitu colleagues yang gatal mulut perli: "Nah, tuuunaa tu cucu kau kan?" : — with Bobby Richard

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