Monday, June 22, 2015


Semua bapa istimewa di hati anaknya. Setiap anak ada cerita tersendiri tentang bapanya.

This is the story of my Father. You probably have read it before. It is a repeat entry from the previous years - because there won't be any more new stories to tell about him.

Selamat Hari Bapa untuk semua lelaki bergelar ayah. For my Father, rest in peace. You left us in Ramadhan 2005. Selepas 10 tahun, ingatan yang sama masih segar. Al-Fatihah.


i.  When my father passed away in October 2005, I didn't come back for the funeral from the UK. It was a decision my father had made for me. Six months earlier, prior to his death.
My father was then terminally ill. I could have come home before it was too late. But he wanted me to stay in the battle, and insisted me to finish the journey.
It would have been very, very tough and difficult to decide what I should do (to stay or go back?). But my father made it easy for me. With his firm selfless decision. Sacrificing his own need.
ii.  That was the moment when I began to realise. My PhD research was no longer about getting the elusive degree, and proving myself. It was about honouring the promise made to a dying father.
This new change (in mental approach) somehow gave me the extra push I truly needed, at that time. When I was in the verge of giving up. Slowly, I started to pick up the right momentum, and eventually completed the torturing journey.
My father passed away, one week before my viva.
iii.  Perhaps I make it sound more melodramatic than it actually was. But the point I’m making here: never take for granted your quiet-and-seemingly-not-so-bothered father.
When (and if) the opportunity comes, they would show you. How much they love you.
This song (I co-composed with a friend years ago!) is dedicated to all loving fathers, out there.


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